Battery Storage

Battery Storage

What is Battery Storage?

Battery Storage, or Energy Storage System (ESS), is a large rechargeable battery that can store electricity generated from various sources to be used within your home.

Why should I use an ESS solution?

It will enable you to store all the electricity generated by your Solar Panels, rather than just use it to heat your water. Your Solar Panels are capable of generating far more electricity during the day than is required to heat your water.
Generally we use more electricity in our homes when the sun is set than when it is out, so miss the full opportunity of Solar Panels. Storing that electricity for use later is the solution.

Can it work as a Backup Power Supply?

Yes it can!

If you experience a power failure, you can use the electricity stored within your ESS to continue powering your home.
This not only reduces the inconvenience of a power failure but also helps to keep your household safe.

Can I save money?

Yes you can!

As well as storing the free electricity generated by your Solar Panels, you can also charge up your ESS overnight during off-peak times, when electricity rates are lower. You can then use that electricity during the day.

Does an ESS help reduce my Carbon Footprint ?

Yes it does!
By ensuring you store & use all the electricity generated by your Solar Panels, you reduce the amount you will be using from the National Grid. This can not only save you money, but help to reduce your Carbon Footprint (CO2).

What is involved with installing ESS?

An ESS Solution can be installed both Inside & Outside the house. There are some operational temperature parameters that may help you make the decision as to which is the best option for you.
The ESS Units can be either freestanding or wall mounted and their design is both are sleek & compact.

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