Solar Energy

Solar panels are an incredibly effective way of generating clean energy for your home, and cheaper than using fossil fuels. When combined with a battery you can be largely self-sufficient.

Most homes will be able to install and benefit from solar, however is not right for every situation and not every house is suitable. To maximise what your panels can make, you usually need a predominantly south-facing roof. If your roof faces south-west or west you'll still get some benefit, but it may be less effective and you might not get the maximum savings.

You don't generally need planning permission for solar PV systems. Exceptions are if your property has a flat roof, is listed or in a conservation area, we’d always advise you to check with your local council. Without a storage solution, solar PV systems are most efficient if you use the electricity they produce during the day. So if you work all day, leaving your home empty, you may not reap the full benefits of your solar panels. However solar could be a solution to powering a garden room / home office away from your main house.